i love jewelry. and by love, i mean i'm kind of obsessed. i've been piling it on since i was a kid. you'll always find me wearing lots of earrings, layers of necklaces, tons of rings, stacks of bracelets and a pile of anklets. always. the summer of 2020, when my dad was in the hospital, i made myself, my sisters and my mom a fun, colorful bracelet with my dad's initials on it to help us stay positive. when he was in hospice before passing, i brought my tote bag full of beads to visit him everyday and would make more bracelets for my sisters, my mom and myself. we piled them on and they made us happy during a tough time. this hard time in my life inspired me to do what i've always wanted to do- start my own jewelry business. so, here we are thanks to my dad. my jewelry is meant for anyone and everyone. i hope these pieces, handmade by me, bring a smile to your face and to anyone who wears them. more is more when it comes to jewelry... duh.

thank you for coming by and have fun shopping!